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STATEMENT OF MARKS result publication

Student Name Ahmed Mostafa
Father Name Master Trainer Certification
Mother Name 80% Pass with First Division
Type Pass with First Divison
Roll EIU687136
Religion 17/01/2020

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Programme/Modules Grades (%)
Trainer's Characteristics 5.9%
How Adults Learn 4.9%
Learning Preferences 3.9%
Discover Your Representational System 5.9%
Identify the Learning Style 8.8%
The Best Training Strategy 4.1%
Is It a Training Problem 8.5%
In-House vs. Purchase 4.4.%
Is It an Observable Training Objective 8.5%
Write Your Own Training Objectives 2.0%
Match the Purchase to the Training Method 4.2%
Tactics for Dealing with Difficult Participants 8.8%
Assessment: Quiz 13.7%